Faces of Persecution: Genocide 2.0 [Artsakh Ethnic Cleansing] exposes the chilling reality of how the Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh)  territorial conflict uprooted the world’s oldest Christian community. In a poignant tribute to the remarkable resilience of the human spirit, the episode sheds light on the ancient history of the first Christian population who after nurturing an autonomous, fledgling democratic republic for over millennia were ethnically cleansed and forcibly displaced in September 2023 by the Petrocrat Azerbaijan regime. Weaving a historical backdrop through interviews with historians, humanitarian experts, and compelling testimonies of survivors of the atrocities of war, the film reveals how 120,000 indigenous Christian Armenians endured three unprovoked wars, thousands of fatalities, the destruction of property and religious cultural heritage sites amidst a 10-month-long starvation siege waged by Azerbaijan–transforming into refugees. FOR MORE GO TO: https://facesofpersecution.org/genocide2/

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